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For further enquiries, here is the current contact info:

Carol Bieber home 604 485 5166
  cell 604 223 4306
Lin Morrison 604 483 4965

Equipment and Furniture Sale

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Shelf-and-ladder display system; $40 ladders - $25 shelves


Custom designed, hand built, solid alder. 150 pieces, most are solid alder, a few are birch plywood or fir. .
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Jigger system - Jigger machine, back case molds, masters, templates, molds. $40,000 new -- Now $14,000 complete. OR $12,000 for the machine and back case molds only. (We are willing to negotiate the price)


Manufactured by Parker Machine, Red Deer, AB. An ideal system for production of matching dinnerware, large bowls, platters. Easily learned, easily operated. We can instruct. Includes

  • Jigger machine with adjustable arm and drum;
  • molds and 4 sized of rings to fit molds to drum;
  • templates easily changed on adjustable arm to form top of item:
  • back case molds and masters to make new molds when they become worn.
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Photo equipment $200


Excellent equipment for controlled lighting of advertising and display photography, and great for studio portraiture. Complete with Hensel light, diffuser light box, boom and backdrop roll. This equipment is designed to control light, shadow, and reflective light while photographing items for show or sale, or for shadow free portraiture.


Solid Alder desk $400

Nicely custom designed solid alder computer desk, unique, in good condition.


Storage Cabinet $50

white, 5' x 30” x 16”


Electric Kiln rectangle, $700

Complete with shelves, posts, kiln sitter, extra rod and switches
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Ohaus gram weight scale, extra weights $100



Thank you, thank you to all our loyal customers.

The staff at Cranberry Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery from Powell River, B.C. Canada